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Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty

Dean's Message

Dean's Message

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent. Praise be to the Lord of all worlds. Prayers and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad, his family and all of his companions. The College of Computer Science and Information Technology seeks to provide academic programs that keep pace with the rapid development of IT fields such as, graphic design, multimedia, computer gaming and computer science to support students in acquiring sufficient skills, knowledge and competencies for excellence. In addition, to support them to achieve competitive outputs that meet the needs of the local and global labor market. The college of IT at Gaza University constantly implements many activities and events that contribute to connecting the students with various sectors of society ,institutions, private sector and incubators, which qualifies them to find a job directly upon graduation or obtaining better opportunities by launching his/her startup project as an entrepreneur. The college is also keen to support faculty members for innovation, creativity, development, interaction with students and their guidance. The College of Computer Science and Information Technology is one of the leading colleges in the country and accredited by the Palestinian Accreditation and Quality Commission.

Gaza University provides a smart, stimulating, pioneering academic environment with advanced technologies and laboratories. GU built effective local, national and international partnerships. Therefore, graduates of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology are considered among the distinguished graduates. Dearest students, we welcome you to the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at the Gaza University and lets work together and elevate you to provide Palestine and the word with distinguished graduates and to build our beloved country. I also invite you to visit the university and look to the various academic programs. In conclusion, I ask Allah Almighty to guide us to what He loves and to protect our homeland and our people from all harm.


Since the world has entered the era of the twenty-first century, an urgent need for any university seeking development is to be among the colleges that pay attention to computer science and information technology.  Such an institution can contribute to filling the growing needs in the university by employing and investing information technology and computing systems in various fields of specializations offered by the college, or in the conduct of its business and management.
It is noticeable that most universities are competing to provide different disciplines in this field in order to supply the local and regional market with appropriate experts to perform their duties and eventually contribute to the building of their home country. So, it was crucial to establish Gaza University as a role model, and to become competitive in attracting students. It offers distinguished academic programs and high quality educational outcomes with well-qualified faculty.
The College will be a bridge of communication, cooperation and scientific research with businesses and local and foreign industry institutions. It seeks to build cooperative relationships with international information technology companies to settle and reduce the technology gap between our developing society and developed communities.


The faculty of computer science and information technology is committed to providing excellent graduates with a high level of professionalism who will have a strong academic foundation to enable them to solve community problems, expand and diffuse knowledge among members of the community, and raise community awareness of computer technology.
In addition to that, the college assures that undergraduates get the latest knowledge in all areas of various technologies that serve the environment and the whole community. Thus, students will be well prepared to work efficiently in private sector companies, freelancing, governmental sectors, academic fields or to continue postgraduate study in the future.


1- Enhancing student academic strength and developing scientific and research talent.
2- Developing students’ scientific, research and technological capability.
3- Meeting the local community needs through programs with excellent quality. 
4- Making use of the best Arabic and international experiences in information technology and scientific research fields.
5- Providing specialization and latest modern methods.
6- Providing qualified faculty who are able to add to the college philosophy and apply it with the students and local community.


1- Expanding students’ knowledge and enhancing their skills in the field of computer science and information technology.
2- Training students in all applications of computer science.
3- Supplying the community with competent experts who are trained to use computer science in all fields of life.
4- Providing training for community members in the field of computer science and information technology.
5- Enabling students to convey the huge development in information technology.
6- Preparing students academically to continue graduate studies in the future.
7- Training human resources (faculty and administrative staff) to deal with the current challenges and to gain various techniques.
8- Contributing to developing the college educational system.
9- Establishing new departments to provide all possible specializations in the college.
10- Promoting postgraduate programming and information technology fields and developing them in a scientific way.
11- Exchanging opinions, information, and suggestions. Also, cooperating in exchanging teaching and learning experiences with other universities.
12- Working on applied research between researchers from Gaza University and other universities to contribute to the preparation of scientific and educational conferences and workshops.
13- Establishing an advisory and consultancy office for the college to contribute services, such as the consultancy studies and feasibility studies in coordination with State institutions and the private sectors.


Faculty role in community service and scientific research

According to the important role of the faculty in organizing the events and programs that serve the community and the scientific research to achieve Gaza University goals, it works on the following activities:

  1. Provide academic and scientific consultation in different fields of the information technology sector
  2. Organize the training courses in collaboration with the continuing education unit which focus on developing the local staff.
  3. Participating in seminars, workshops, and technical events, which are always organized to introduce the society to the latest achievements and news of the IT sector and best practices for it.
  4. Participating in the university activities which are related to the community services and provide them with all technical facilities
  5. Establishing research centers and groups to present scientific studies and consultation for all community organizations
  6. Guide scientific research activities toward community issues.
  7. Networking with local and international research centers in joint projects
  8. Organize scientific conferences to publish research results related to the IT sector.
  9. Organize innovative events which leave a positive impact toward the latest trends of IT on the surrounding society especially the youth and graduates.
  10. Organize guiding and steering meeting about the latest international IT trends to aware them to develop their skills and competencies to meet market needs.
  11. Networking with secondary schools to provide students with required knowledge about the IT sector and their decision to choose this field in the university.

Career Opportunities

Computer Science graduates have unlimited career opportunities in the local and international market that are available in the following categories:

  • Online freelancing
  • Contracted Remotely with external companies
  • Local Freelancing and Self-employment
  • Startup project
  • Work with the private sector
  • Work with public organizations      

Working in the following Positions:

  • Database Systems Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Information Security Expert
  • Software engineer.


Graphic Design and Multimedia graduates have unlimited career opportunities in the local and international market that are available in the following categories

  • Online freelancing 
  • Contracted Remotely with external companies
  • Local Freelancing and Self-employment
  • Startup project
  • Work with the private sector
  • Work with public organizations      

Working in the following Positions:

  • Media Organizations
  • Press, Radio, and Televisions
  •  Software Development companies such as Games Development companies.
  • Advertising and Graphic Design Companies
  • E-learning Curricula development.
  • Child Education and Entertainment Institutions
  • Presses and Publishing
  • Digital Marketing

Positions are available for Multimedia graduates since it is a critical role in any institution.